Building Strength Through Community and Character

We are located at 1100 Wilcrest in the heart of the Energy Corridor. WESTSIDE provides a professionally cleaned gym that is air conditioned and has clean showers for your convenience. 

You will enjoy your fitness journey with our positive and encouraging culture in a certified coach lead class setting.  

One hour classes will make it easy to come in get your workout done and go about enjoying your life. 

For more information feel free to call or text us at 832.303.8855 or simply email us at cfwilcestmax@gmail.com.


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Monday - Friday

5:30 AM | 6:30 AM | 7:30 AM | 8:30 AM | 9:30 AM

4:30 PM | 5:30 PM | 6:30 PM


9:30 AM Free Community WOD

11:00 AM QuickFit

Building Strength through Community and Character

Our Values

Safety | Community | Growth


Our Values


First and foremost the utmost important value to us at WESTSIDE S&C. When a person is injured, physically, mentally or spiritually they cannot preform or function at an optimal level that proves to help self betterment. Our primary goal is to keep our athletes safe and instill principles that rely on safety. This ensures the forward progression of every person and prevents injury. 

The aspects of safety are as follows:

  •      Listen to the coach
  •      Listen to your body
  •      Proper movement
  •      Proper weight
  •      We provide a clean environment 


We believe that our greatest strength is as a community both as we encourage each other along the way and as we inspire each other along the way. We don’t simply point out what you are doing wrong we encourage you by showing you the proper way.  The least is the greatest at WESTSIDE S&C!!!

We also believe in serving our community as a community!!!


We have Values because we Value people!!! What matters to WESTSIDE S&C is people!!! 

As people grow we grow as a community. 

Thrice Assessment


First thing we look at is there Consistency. Is the athlete coming every day or a minimum of 4 times a week to see the desired progress? From here we can determine if this is something we work on or go to the next assessment question.


Next we look at the athletes nutrition, How have the eating habits been and are those habits aligned with what the athletes desired goals.


Next we help the athlete ask the questions that show what is holding them back from the progress they truly desire. Are they coming in to the gym ready to learn and get better? Are they working hard and put forth an effort that would bear fruit of success?

From here we can determine where lies the stagnation of an athlete.


Our Promise

1. We will… Always provide a Clean and Safe gym.

2. We will… Coach you – We Do NOT use “NO REP!” here!!! It means we show you and coach you.

3. We will… Recognize you as an athlete, no matter what age, fitness or skill level.. You will be recognized!!!

4. We will… Be a community driven gym, we will work out together, we will have fun together, we will serve together.

5. We will… Celebrate success, we will celebrate growth, we will celebrate Hard Work and we will have lots to celebrate.

6. We will… Be your biggest cheerleaders at your events, birthday and special occasions.

7. We coaches… Will be clean, happy and ready to coach you at the beginning of every class.

8. We will… Take pride in our gym… Safe, Clean, Neat and Always Supplied.

9. We will… Honor SACRIFICE!!!

10. You will… Grow and you will SUCCEED!!!

~Much Love, RevRod®


Who are we?

WESTSIDE S&C is a father and son owned gym with a vision to make a community better by providing fitness that makes lives better for people at all levels of athleticism.  It's not an average gym but it is for the average person. It is a place that has No Rules but rather we hold to Values and make Promises that we keep!  Our number one asset is our athletes, we value people because people matter and we envision a community that grows in a healthy way.