What is CrossFit?

A regimen of  CONSTANTLY VARIEDFUNCTIONAL MOVEMENTS performed at HIGH INTENSITY in a community based environment like a group class that leads to health and fitness.


Movements that prepare you for everyday life, the work you put in the gym will make you perform better at what you were meant to do.


Constantly varying basically ensures that we will always change the workout on a daily basis to ensure we cover a full body workout and make it fun. Never a boring moment at CrossFit Wilcrest. 

Constantly Varied Intro Video (then hyperlink with this address HTTPS://WWW.YOUTUBE.COM/WATCH?V=FO0BKVC6INA)


Our workouts are high intensity to create more power and to bring about a healthier lifestyle. 

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CrossFit Wilcrest wants you to know…

CrossFit Wilcrest offers classes held in a group environment under the close supervision and instruction of a coach.  The group class environment helps motivate, assimilation and gives great support for any and all of your fitness goals… Plus you will have FUN! 

 We also make it easy for you to try it out.  

1.      Simply Call, Text, Email or simply stop by to setup your first Free Class!

2.      Come in on Saturday to our Free Community Workout, give yourself 15 minutes for a brief introduction

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New to CrossFit?

No worries we will assess your fitness levels and have a variety of ways to get you to assimilate into the community such as On Ramp Classes and Private Coaching Classes. If you are interest Simply Call, Text, Email or simply stop by!!!

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What time are these classes?

We understand that everyone lives a busy life and we have designed these workout classes to be 1 Hour Sessions for your convenience and have multiple classes throughout the day.  To see our schedule…

See Schedule (link it to our times) 

What else should I know?

We will offer all our athletes functional movement assessment by a Certified FMS Coach, Nutritional Advice, Active Lifestyle Advice and immense amounts of Encouragement!!!