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Get Started Now, Get a Free class and get results WESTSIDE S&C has made the first step the easiest!

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Free Class

What should you expect?

Come in 15 minutes before class to meet with a coach before you get started in the CrossFit class. This allows you an opportunity to learn more about CrossFit, Our Programs, Our Culture and see a CrossFit workout firsthand.  The purpose is to help us serve you better by knowing your goals, expectations, fitness level/experience and any doubts or misconceptions you may have about CrossFit.

Get Results

Having taken the most difficult step which was simply contacting us and then experiencing a CrossFit WOD firsthand, now its time to get some results as you begin your fitness journey.  WESTSIDE S&C will make sure that you are encouraged and inspired to overcome any challenge you may face, the new improved you is on the horizon.  

You will simply dedicate yourself and with some HARD WORK you will see SUCCESS!!

We will ask you to self assess yourself along the way with our Thrice AssessmentConsistency, Nutrition and Self.

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